Accidents & Keeping Safe

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Accidents will happen. We can anticipate them.

Below are Safety ideas for you to think about:

(1) Use a mug (it's heavier) to drink out of at the table instead of a plastic cup, this will help prevent spills.

(2) Use knee and elbow pads for those activities that it is necessary for. Always use a helmet for bike riding - all ages!

(3) Are you smoking in bed? It would be a good thing for you to give up smoking so as to be an example to your foster children

(4) Does your fireplace have a screen to keep embers in? If you have a wood burning stove, can a small child touch the stove and get burned?

(5) Do you turn all pot and pan handles in and cook on the back burners as often as possible to avoid potential burns. When the handles are in they won't catch on loose clothing and this will help keep small children from tipping them.

(6) Do you use electrical cords safely? Keep them inaccessible from small children, especially hanging cords from "Coffee pots, etc.". Do not over load outlets. Use safety covers on all outlets.

(7) Do not leave a small or handicapped child unsupervised while in the bathtub, and do not leave a small child alone near the toilet - them may climb in and drown.

(8) Are your child's pajamas made from nonflammable material?

(9) Do you lock up all medicines?

(10) Do you lock up all Chemicals including paints, toxic cleaners, bleach, common household cleaners, and spray cans?

(11) Remove all small objects or supervise your child when they play with any small objects.

(12) Are your plastic bags in an area inaccessible to small children?

(13) When you are working (ex: cutting trees, cleaning infectious materials, using flammable liquids, etc.) always wear safety protection when needed including; safety glasses, ear plugs, hard hat, safety shoes, latex gloves, etc. Practice universal safety precautions. (click here for more info)

(14) Keep carpet and rugs in good shape, repair or replace loose or ragged or torn areas. Also prevent rugs from sliding to prevent tripping.

(15) Use motion detector lighting inside home (halls, exits, etc). These light will turn on when needed to provide safety at night (preventing trips or falls) and safety for fire evacuation.

(16) Keep all walk areas and stairs clear of stuff.

(17) Always wipe up spills as soon as possible to prevent falls.

(18) Put in non-slip material on tub and shower bottoms.

(19) Can all your household members swim? If not then provide training.

(20) Do you get adequate rest and exercise?

(21) Do not wear clothes that are loose, baggy, or hanging near machines that have moving parts (ex: mixer).

(22) Teach each child how to cross the street safely.

(23) Give your child a bike safety course.

(24) At night carry a flash light and or wear reflective clothing when needed to be seen by approaching cars.

(25) Do not drink and drive.

(26) Keep your car in good working condition, fix broken items ASAP - especially brakes, lights, engine stalling, etc.

(27) Drive safely, use seat belts, car seats when needed, drive a safe speed for the road condition.

(28) Keep a fire extinguisher, blanket, phone numbers of friends and family (home & work), flashlight, safety & first aid kit, etc in car.

(29) Lock up all firearms

(30) Pools, make inaccessible to small children. Require that children may not go swimming without an adult present.

(31) Remove any plants (inside or out) that may be poisonous.

(32) Avoid using any chemicals on your lawn

(33) Practice Pet Safety (click here for more info), license, shots, and training.

This list is not at all complete for your special needs in your area. Look around, be aware of potential problems. Try to prevent them before they happen. Get educated - Take a First Aid & Safety Course.

Credits: Jeffrey Silla

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