Grounds for Termination of Parental Rights Mississippi

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Statute: 93-15-103

Circumstances That Are Grounds for Termination

Abandonment or Extreme Parental Disinterest


Mental Illness or Deficiency

Alcohol or Drug Induced Incapacity

Felony Conviction/Incarceration

Failure of Reasonable Efforts

Abuse/Neglect or Loss of Rights of Another Child

Sexual Abuse

Failure to Maintain Contact

Child Judged in Need of Services/Dependent

Child's Best Interest

Felony assault of child or sibling

Murder/Manslaughter of sibling child

Circumstances That Are Not Grounds for Termination

Failure to Provide Support

Failure to Establish Paternity

Child in care 15 of 22 months (or less)

Miss. Code Ann. 93-15-103 (West, WESTLAW through Miss. 2003 Legis. Serv., Ch. 359)

When a child has been removed from the home of its natural parents and cannot be returned to the home of his natural parents within a reasonable length of time because returning to the home would be damaging to the child or the parent is unable or unwilling to care for the child, relatives are not appropriate or are unavailable, and when adoption is in the best interest of the child, taking into account whether the adoption is needed to secure a stable placement for the child and the strength of the child's bonds to his natural parents and the effect of future contacts between them, the grounds listed below shall be considered as grounds for the termination of parental rights. The grounds may apply singly or in combination in any given case.

The rights of a parent with reference to a child, including parental rights to control or withhold consent to an adoption, and the right to receive notice of a hearing on a petition for adoption, may be relinquished and the relationship of the parent and child terminated by the execution of a written voluntary release, signed by the parent, regardless of the age of the parent.

Grounds for termination of parental rights shall be based on one or more of the following factors:

A parent has deserted without means of identification or abandoned a child; or

A parent has made no contact with a child under the age of 3 for 6 months or a child 3 years of age or older for a period of 1 year; or

A parent has been responsible for a series of abusive incidents concerning one or more children; or

When the child has been in the care and custody
of a licensed child caring agency or the Department of Human Services for at least 1 year, that agency or the department has made diligent efforts to develop and implement a plan for return of the child to its parents, and:

The parent has failed to exercise reasonable available visitation with the child; or
The parent, having agreed to a plan to effect placement of the child with the parent, fails to implement the plan so that the child caring agency is unable to return the child to said parent; or

The parent exhibits ongoing behavior which would make it impossible to return the child to the parent's care and custody because the parent has a diagnosable condition unlikely to change within a reasonable time such as alcohol or drug addiction, severe mental deficiencies or mental illness, or extreme physical incapacitation, which condition makes the parent unable to assume minimally acceptable care of the child; or because the parent fails to eliminate behavior, identified by the child caring agency or the court, which prevents placement of said child with the parent in spite of diligent efforts of the child caring agency to assist the parent; or

When there is an extreme and deep-seated antipathy by the child toward the parent or when there is some other substantial erosion of the relationship between the parent and child which was caused at least in part by the parent's serious neglect, abuse, prolonged and unreasonable absence, unreasonable failure to visit or communicate, or prolonged imprisonment; or

When a parent has been convicted of any of the following offenses against any child: rape of a child; sexual battery of a child; touching a child for lustful purposes; exploitation of a child; felonious abuse or battery of a child; carnal knowledge of a step or adopted child or a child of a cohabitating partner; or murder of another child of such parent, voluntary manslaughter of another child of such parent, aided or abetted, attempted, conspired or solicited to commit such murder or voluntary manslaughter, or a felony assault that results in the serious bodily injury to the surviving child or another child of such parent; or

The child has been adjudicated to have been abused or neglected and custody has been transferred from the child's parent(s) for placement, and a court of competent jurisdiction has determined that reunification shall not be in the child's best interest.

Legal custody and guardianship by persons other than the parent, as well as other permanent alternatives which end the supervision by the Department of Human Services, should be considered as alternatives to the termination of parental rights, and these alternatives should be selected when, in the best interest of the child, parental contacts are desirable and it is possible to secure such placement without termination of parental rights.

In any case where a child has been removed from the parent's home due to sexual abuse or serious bodily injury to the child, the court shall treat such case for termination of parental rights as a preference case to be determined with all reasonable expedition.
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toya - 10 months ago
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my husband has a 12 yr old daughter and she in the custody of her aunt because the mother lost custody due to neglect the aunt has has the child for 5 yrs now my husband and I are seeking custody the mother lost custody but never signed over rights do we need the mothers permission to gain custody in the state of Mississippi and can she take the child when she gets ready? #1
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