Parental Attitude

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With Mother's Day upon us I wonder how any mother can harm their child. How can a mother abandon their babies when it is so much a part of them? When I read of those moms who have killed their babies, I weep. They have taken the life of something born of their own flesh in a brutal and unfeeling way. I try so hard to understand these monsters, but cannot.

When pregnant with my children, they become part of my life immediately. They were not some unknown entity, some faceless thing growing inside of me; they belonged to me. They even had names already in my mind. They were not a fertilized ovum, a fetus or an embryo; they were my children. They at the moment of conception became my son or daughter, no matter what happened from that point on. So, it is so hard to understand why a mother or father for that matter could cruelly destroy the life they made. How can they hate their own flesh?

Recently I've been wondering how big a role the attitude of the parent plays in how well a child does. I have discovered it may be much more important than I would have thought.

When a child displays challenging behaviors, we have several choices. We can scream and yell and lose our minds or we can accept those behaviors. We can decide it is time to make the child responsible and support the kids while they change those behaviors they need to change. It is a matter of choice and what a parent decides is important in how the teen reacts and their ultimate success.

We have all seen the result of parents who do not want to be parents. It means they usually take their responsibility lightly and put their own needs first. This definitely affects the child. Those parents who are too strict and rigid in their thinking produce children full of fear, less social, and more likely to be shy and have low self-esteem.

On the other hand, the way- too -lenient parent will raise children who are more outgoing and friendly, less inhibited, but also less likely to follow the rules. A combination of the two attitudes along with a good balance of discipline and love is the best attitude to adopt.

A parent with an encouraging attitude who truly believes children should be nurtured and given every opportunity to experience life and learning will probably end up with kids who are good students and high achievers. The parent who constantly tells a child he is stupid and won't amount to anything can be blamed for self-fulfilling prophecy.

Yes, parental attitude is important. When we show interest in what our children do, we help them to want to share more things with us. If your attitude is one of non-interest, "I'm bored with my children," or "I can't be bothered", your kids will develop problems.

Parents need to adopt the best attitude they can so their kids see a good example and also to raise kids with high self - esteem and a belief in themselves.

Credits: Jo Ann Wentzel

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