Stay-At-Home Moms

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When a mom makes the choice to stay at home to raise her children, she makes a choice that has serious ramifications. This mom is foregoing an income her family may badly need. She is sometimes putting her own desires for a career or life outside the home on hold. She is putting the needs of her children first.

We congratulate any mom who makes this decision. We know it cannot be the one all moms make, even when they should, but we understand. Moms, who decide to stay at home, sacrifice many things and deserve to be admired, but the rewards are also great.

Watching your child grow up before your eyes is a chance that only comes once. If you must work, you may miss some of the important milestones in your child's life. You cannot go back and see it later if you missed those first steps or never heard the first time she said 'mommy.'

Competent daycare providers can handle the problems that arise daily with kids; but most moms, if given a choice, would rather take care of it themselves. They know their child. They know his needs and who better to understand how that problem affects that individual. A mom knows what makes her child 'tick.' She knows that his greatest fear is being made fun of or that secretly he hates baseball and can offer comfort and understanding better than anyone else. This mom when home at the time most needed can often solve problems and offer support just by being there. She may not need to say a word, just open her arms, pat a shoulder or smile. Her child understands she is there for them. Is there a better feeling anywhere than the one a mom gets when she has been able to turn her child's frown to a smile?

A mom has a chance to bond with their child every second they are together, but how many seconds are there really, when you are overworked and overtired? A woman who works full time is not finished with her day when she comes home at night from her job. She must fix supper, do laundry, clean up the house, get kids bathed, help with schoolwork, take care of social obligations, and assume a role of wife and mother. These structured times leave little time for just 'being.' Kids respond to unstructured time to just relax, unwind, dream, pretend, laugh, and joke. They need it to thrive.

The mom who hasn't a job may need to save a bit more money than the average working mom. She may need to cut coupons, be a creative cook, and learn to sew or craft, or plan a party from scratch. She will probably need to make a costume, create decorations, invent holidays, or just find ways to keep kids entertained on rainy days. All these things enrich your life without going outside the home and leaving the care of your children to others. While you do these things, your children know you are available and only a few minutes away for help. The security you give your child is immeasurable.

When the stay-at-home mother is at wits end, she needs to call on a friend who knows what her day is like. This mom needs a good support system of family and friends to help her out once in awhile so she can have a break, go out for lunch, or just take a long bubble bath. This mom's short absences will be easily accepted if they become the norm. The child will not feel abandoned since breaks happen reasonably often, but they re short and mom always returns. After all, she is there most of the time.

So when life is hectic and you start to daydream about an exciting career, think about the interesting life you have every day and what you would miss if you worked. Besides, careers can wait; children won't stay little forever. Maybe you are one of those people who can work at home, or start a home - based business. There may be a way to care for other people's children while you stay home with your own. When the budget is so slim you believe you cannot make it any more, sit down and trot out your creative side as you conquer those problems one by one. Use all the skills and gifts God gave you to make it work. And pray about your decision to stay home and answers will come to you.

Credits: Jo Ann Wentzel

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