Time Travel Theme Party

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Almost everyone I've ever discussed this with would love to be able to travel in time, but most are afraid. Here it is- a chance to go safely, with no risk, and know that when the party ends, you can return to your own time period and be back at home in this world.

A theme party where you explore different eras has a wealth of possibilities. The first thing I would do is to create a vehicle to be able to help you travel through time. Anything from something that resembles the Time Machine from the well-known movie, to the Tartas, that phone box looking wonder that carried Dr. Who through many episodes. I barely missed one.

The point is it should be a wonderful, recently invented contraption with dials, and gauges, switches and lights. The beginning of the party could be the unveiling of this miracle of technology. Maybe, you would rather have it look more like those portals the Companions brought with them in Earth, Final Conflict. Okay, so I do watch too much of that sort of thing.

Whatever you decide to create, it can be done with an appliance box, Christmas lights, and assortment of fabricated bells and whistles. This will be one of the focus pieces of your party. The theme will involve exploring various eras of time, including the future. You will design several settings from various time periods, each with its own games. Your guest will be sent an announcement (invitation) of your new invention asking them to come to the unveiling. You will assign each of them a time period and ask them to dress appropriately. If you haven't the room for too many settings, you will need to ask several guests to dress as folks from the same time period. Ask them to do a bit of research for their time period so they can help other guests understand it better. Obviously, this will require time so send out 'announcements' early. After your unveiling, you will begin one guest at a time, to visit the different time periods.

First have guests go to their own special era of history. You will be able to show them how to adjust the settings to get to their time period. It is more fun if you can find music or appropriate noises to accompany the actual time travel. When they arrive they go to their time period display and proceed to tell you all they can about that era. You could play music for visit as well, like Renaissance music from that same time period, rock 'n' roll from the 50's and early 60's. If your time period is combined with a location, you could add sounds such as those from the Italian opera, or the Hawaiian luau, or maybe music from the Monasteries in Tibet. Other guests may ask questions silly as well as serious. You can give out prizes for correct answers, stupidest questions, stumpers etc.

Yes, those prizes must relate to the right time or place. Have a good time with this aspect. Your settings could be done with sheets with painted scenes on them, or maybe posters etc. Do not ever worry about your abilities to recreate perfectly. You will have fun with the failures as well as your masterpieces. The setting could be the Eiffel tower, or the London tower, a pyramid, or a market square. Ideas are unlimited if you think about where in history or in the future you would like to be.

Make your games appropriate to traditional games played in those times or countries, or your own version of these. The trick with games is to try and create your own using well known strategies from successful games. Anything that is a relay, test of skill, slightly silly, kind of do you know, can you guess, can you show, will you perform type of activity can be turned into a game. Think of things from past party ideas and adapt them to this one.

Another activity that would be fun is to blindfold guests, set the time machine for a time period, not their own. When they arrive, lead them to that setting and ask questions not covered in that time traveler's report. These again could be fun questions like describe the newest invention of the day, or for the future, maybe what the average inhabitant looks like.

Costumes your guests will wear will be in accordance with time period you assigned. Host and hostess could dress as the mad scientists that created this wonderful mode of transportation. Food might be served at each time setting trying to keep themes in mind. That means time or location or both. With all this to choose from you can have unlimited food choices. Add flair by using the proper colors for countries, or type of serving pieces most in keeping with your theme for your era.

If your machine has landed you in Italy, bring on the red, white, and green. If you were in the middle of the Revolutionary War, Melmac would be out of place. Save that for your fifties party. Don't use your best china for a scene in the desert oasis. When you travel to the future- look for your most unusual food and drink receptacles. Those kid-glasses with the coiled straws built in might be just the things you need. Plan well, get creative and enjoy yourself. Many party supply stores and web sites have tons of items you can use for this type of party. Think of all the wonderful memories you can gather from just this one event.

Don't forget your camera.

Credits: Jo Ann Wentzel

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