Who Deserves the Blame?

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Have you noticed all the attention being given to CPS and foster children lately? We have Time Magazine's article on the "Crisis of Foster Care," The New York Times recently did a piece on foster care in Florida, and the internet is full of websites and advocacy groups.

Have you also noticed all the different targets of blame? In researching, I have found that no one will take responsibility for the foster children. The biological families bore the original responsibility, but since they have failed for whatever reason, it has been left up to the government to play mommy. The foster parents have no legal rights to the foster children, and they daily deal with the possibility of the children being taken to a new home or false allegations.

Among those being blamed for the crisis of foster care are Child Protection Services, child advocacy groups, biological parents, foster parents, Satan, God, our entire country, other countries, and the list goes on. CPS takes children away from their parents based only on a "preponderance of evidence," which means there need not be any abuse, just an undertrained, overworked caseworker, most of whom don't even have children, to say "I think it's possible there could be abuse here." It's POSSIBLE to have abuse anywhere; should all children be taken away?

Child advocacy groups focus only on the children, not the whole families, which makes them a target also. The only way to save the children is to show them through actions that families are normal, love is normal. They can only learn that by having a family to show it.

The biological parents are an obvious target, since they are the ones who "failed" their children to begin with. But 80% of the kids in foster care are the subjects of unfounded abuse reports, so who can blame the parents when the system failed them too?

Many foster parents mean well. They open their homes to abused, neglected, abandoned kids. But in any situation, you will have some who make the rest look bad -- "one bad apple spoils the bunch."

Satan is an obvious choice also. Who else would promote immorality, physical aggressiveness, and treating others as less than human?

Even God himself has been blamed as the reason for the crisis. How? "It's prophesy." I, for one, would like to see where in the Bible it says anything like, "The people will lose their children to the heartless, uncaring government, which will try to act as parent, which is in reality just a billion dollar industry." Unless they are trying to throw this under the unspecified "abominations" in Revelation.

So, who really carries the weight of destroying our future?
What do I mean? I'll tell you. This nation was founded under God. All those who use the argument of "separation of the church and government" only have a rudimentary understanding of the Declaration of Independence. The government was founded under GOD; just say the pledge of allegiance and you can see that. The biggest problem is that we have elected, year after year, legislators and other officials, who just don't care about our nation or the people in it, least of all the children. That is not what our forefathers wanted for us. They wanted the elected officials to pass laws that would allow us to worship in any way we chose, under any religion we chose, without being threatened of life and limb.

We, as a people, have ignored history, and have chosen to vote in officials who disregard the law, and the Bill of Rights. We can fix this by electing in new persons who will respect the law of our government, and it's people. If you don't like any of the choices, run for office yourself or choose someone else! This is our right as a citizen of the USA. George W. Bush is not going to save the families. Al Gore is not going to save our families. Both the Republicans and Democrats have proven time and again that they don't care about anything but staying within their party lines. It's time to break out of that old-fashioned style of voting and get officials into office who have a real agenda.

I am sorry if I offend anyone with this article, but sometimes the truth hurts. Now let's make it right for the sake of the families

Credits: Wendi Sturgeon

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